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  • Our press assets are available to press at https://t.co/3vY1McRx85. Have you registered? 27/Apr/2016 16:15:25
  • RT @JagexJD: The mighty @TrumpSC took on @RSChronicle. And he seemed to quite like it! Watch the first of 3 videos here: https://t.co/8QIE… 12/Apr/2016 10:58:47
  • RT @YourLEP: #RuneScape has welcomed over 245 million players to its world and over 2m people play the game every month #100InnovativeDays… 11/Apr/2016 13:46:53
  • RT @VertigoSix: "Chronicle: RuneSape Legends: 5 redenen waarom je het moet proberen” by @IGNBENELUX https://t.co/qcfFc4TVBn https://t.co/6i… 11/Apr/2016 08:54:44
  • RT @VertigoSix: Great Chronicle: RuneScape Legends beta review on @XGNnl 8/10 “GREAT" "A CCG like no other” https://t.co/Q2Db44i4iM https:/… 11/Apr/2016 08:54:04
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