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  • RT @PCGamesN: What makes Block N Load different from other F2P shooters? It's all about being smart... http://t.co/xgF5JnS3wL http://t.co/D… 05/Oct/2015 14:53:25
  • .@BlockNLoad is now free to play! Press release and assets available from http://t.co/3vY1MczVJv now. 01/Oct/2015 13:00:30
  • RT @RuneScape: DOUBLE XP WEEKEND IS NOW LIVE! Go forth and multiply (your gains) my pretties. Use the #DXPW hashtag this weekend! http:/… 25/Sep/2015 12:04:33
  • RT @PCGamesN: Block 'N' Load's getting a new trio of chracters, take a look here http://t.co/etYKDBdk42 http://t.co/fBAHdvMSbF 24/Sep/2015 16:30:13
  • RT @GamersNETFeed: Drie nieuwe helden worden toegevoegd in Block N Load http://t.co/5s30hQKAup #gamersnet 24/Sep/2015 13:43:47
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