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  • .@Shaunypwns is channeling Murray Walker in this fantastic @MMOTransformers match commentary! http://t.co/MXMq5RON1O ^JW 29/Aug/2014 10:34:00
  • .@Runescape frees up dormant accounts & old character names are up for grabs (via @Eurogamer) http://t.co/kt37FfpBbw ^JW 29/Aug/2014 10:13:27
  • RT @JagexJeroen: @MMOTransformers hanging out with yogscast. http://t.co/tqoOiQxCXG 22/Aug/2014 14:28:41
  • .@MMOTransformers is at #Insomnia52! Check out the livestream now: http://t.co/6o5wLBF3SA #testyourmetal 22/Aug/2014 12:25:04
  • THIS WEEK: New warriors announced for @MMOTransformers, providing polarised tactics on the battlefield! http://t.co/ilfyFAToTC 22/Aug/2014 11:13:56
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