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  • 'Most fish in a game?' Yup - @RuneScape! 11 bizarre, amazing gaming World Records (via @Gamesradar) http://t.co/LAZ4FHs7Zi ^JW 24/Sep/2014 17:29:03
  • A 10-Year-Old City in @RuneScape Just Opened its Doors (via @Kotaku_UK) http://t.co/eTnlBJWw5A ^JW 24/Sep/2014 15:08:04
  • .@RuneScape's Lost City of the Elves has been found - it's always in the last place that you look http://t.co/8KoOTcoWcI via @PCGamesN ^JW 24/Sep/2014 15:05:15
  • RT @n3rdabl3: After 10 Years of Being Locked, Runescape Finally Opens The Lost City of the Elves - http://t.co/CJUpMabQzR ^JW 24/Sep/2014 15:02:17
  • RT @ianinthefuture: A games company gave me these today #transparency #GamerGate http://t.co/8OdyqrE66g 24/Sep/2014 13:41:55
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