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  • RT @Rede_MMO: RuneScape anuncia um jogo de cartas: O sucesso de Hearthstone é difícil de ignorar, e não foi preciso muito es... http://t.co… 17/Oct/2014 11:09:21
  • RT @CambridgeNewsUK: .@Jagex announce new game based in #RuneScape universe: http://t.co/PLQARJDCtP 17/Oct/2014 09:17:51
  • RuneScape Is Getting A Card Game Spin-off, Coming to PC, Mac and Mobile (via @SegmentNext) http://t.co/zCUYycccr3 @rsChronicle 14/Oct/2014 12:46:06
  • Now RuneScape Is Getting A Collectible Card Game Spin-Off (via @Kotaku http://t.co/aAHqjVzLms @rsChronicle 14/Oct/2014 11:13:00
  • RuneScape card spin-off Chronicle aims to expand gaming world (via @wiredUK) http://t.co/xGuVy9LGZo @rsChronicle 14/Oct/2014 08:11:13
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