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  • RT @RuneScape: The guys at @GamesRadar have created this 12-part history of #RuneScape! Check it out: http://t.co/EHJUWV8NTs (& leave a ni… 11/Sep/2014 13:25:39
  • @Game_Shard Great, thanks! :) 11/Sep/2014 10:54:10
  • .@Gamesradar has a multi-slide feature on @RuneScape - check it out! http://t.co/x7gUsnerSC 10/Sep/2014 17:29:16
  • RT @GamesRadar: The rather fascinating story of a tiny MMO that became an online juggernaut. Hello, RuneScape: http://t.co/bAWAzE67pX 10/Sep/2014 13:31:18
  • Hello new followers! Don't forget to register at http://t.co/wcaVtv3DeO for the latest Jagex press releases, media alerts, and assets! ^JW 09/Sep/2014 13:52:52
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