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  • "Jagex's Runescape Card Game is Unexpected" https://t.co/liPlAZVbjX 30/Nov/2015 10:23:27
  • RT @PCGamesN: New @RuneScape-based card game Chronicle now in closed beta from @Jagex https://t.co/3dYYyGNSFT https://t.co/imeRudn0oq 27/Nov/2015 14:26:46
  • RT @videogamesn: Block N Load's new character is a killer hamster called Roly Poly Fat Fat. Seriously https://t.co/FzGRK238pF 06/Nov/2015 17:09:35
  • RT @n3rdabl3: Block N Load's Latest Hero is a... Hamster? https://t.co/um2MKxrQcr 06/Nov/2015 14:32:42
  • RT @RSChronicle: Have you checked out the Official #Chronicle trailer? What do you think? https://t.co/oNpD7MEZSN 03/Nov/2015 15:53:09
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